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TOPS+ 2022 Tradeshow Tour

TOPS+ is Canada’s longest running promotional products trade show tour



Event Cost

Cost If Exhibiting By City Only

Booth Cost Includes:

  • Pipe and drape: 10’ backwall, 3’ sidewall in all cities except for Montreal (10’ across, 8’ deep)
  • Booth carpet (unless a carpeted ballroom), vacuumed before show opening
  • Light lunch and coffee in the Exhibitor lounge for two staff per booth space (if utilizing a 10’x20’ imprint, four lunches would be provided)
  • Limited overnight security service
  • Computerized on-site registration
  • Attendance reports and distributor contact lists with PPPC staff support on-site
  • Lead retrieval app (one SES license included)

For Exhibitors Participating in The Full Five-City Tour:

  • Limited transportation between cities: one skid per booth space (see Shipping Show Materials for more information)
  • Material handling (drayage from loading dock to booth) for one skid per booth

Why You Should Exhibit

  • TOPS+ 2022 is expected to draw hundreds of distributors and their clients to each of the five tour stops
  • Suppliers can come #TogetherAgain to connect with existing and new customers and re-experience an in-person event to do business
  • This tour is a great chance to meet with a large group of customers in a short timeframe to showcase your new products in a safe environment
  • COVID-safety guidelines will be in place according to each province’s protocols

Exhibitor Booth Placement

Exhibitor space will be allocated based on PPPC’s priority points system and will be confirmed prior to the first show. Points are calculated based on the number of years the exhibitor has participated in PPPC tradeshows and the number of years the exhibitor has been a member of the Association. Priority Points do not apply to non-members and as a result, non-members are the last to be assigned booths. Exhibiting companies whose membership has lapsed for longer than one year lose previously accrued priority points. Priority points are available by contacting PPPC Member Services.

Shipping Show Materials

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ship goods to the first show location, as well as from the last registered show location. The transportation of ONE skid/crate per booth space, between cities, is included only for exhibitors participating in the five (5)-city TOPS+ 2022 tour. Exhibitors participating in fewer than five cities are responsible for all freight and drayage charges.

The maximum dimensions of said skid/crate is 4′ x 4′ x 4′ or 64 ft3. Any shipment exceeding these dimensions will be charged an “additional freight fee” as outlined below, at the discretion of the show logistics and transportation manager. If you require your goods to be shipped between cities that you are not exhibiting in, the “additional freight fee” will apply. Invoices for additional freight charges will be issued at the conclusion of the tour and must be paid within ten (10) business days of receipt.

TOPS+ Official Logistics Carrier

PPPC uses the services of GES Show Services for all TOPS+transportation of goods. Exhibitors should make advance arrangements directly through GES Show Services.

Additional Freight Charges

The following restrictions apply for each booth.
No exceptions will be made.

Additional fees will be charged if any of the following apply:

Additional Charges are per extra skid and/or included skids larger than 4’ x 4’ x 4’ (64 ft3) and/or not exhibiting in all cities. For example, if you are a member renting one booth in each TOPS+ city and traveling with two skids (one included plus one additional), you will be invoiced an extra $200 for transport of one extra skid between Montreal and Toronto, $600 for the one extra skid between Toronto and Calgary and $200 for one extra skid between Vancouver and Calgary, while non-members will be invoiced $250 plus $800 plus $250. Applicable taxes will be added.

In example, if you are renting one booth in Montreal and one in Toronto and travelling with 2 skids, members will be invoiced for two skids x $600 plus two skids x $200, while subscribers will be invoiced two x $800 plus two x $200 or:

One or two extra skids can lead to the use of an additional trailer, which the exhibitor must pay for. Often, at the end of a tour, exhibitors are left with a skid full of materials that travels across the country unnecessarily, at their own cost. Following the show, all charges will be invoiced automatically for ALL shipments that exceed the above specifications. Applicable taxes will be added.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to plan for the shipment of their materials to the first scheduled show of the tour and back from the last city. Please coordinate shipment details with GES Show Services.

Please contact GES for additional details and information.

Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels will be available in January 2022: all goods must be labeled clearly identifying the exhibitor and exhibiting show location as shown above. Contact GES to arrange your first and final pick-up.

Shipments delivered by other carriers can unload only after PPPC trucks vacate the loading docks. This may result in extra charges for you. If using the services of a carrier other than GES Show Services, please coordinate your shipment to arrive at above mentioned sites on the morning of the set-up. Please note that an exhibit site may refuse early shipments or charge for storage. If in doubt, contact GES for earliest possible shipment dates.

Advance Warehouse

GES offers an advance warehouse if you must ship early. Please contact GES to make advance warehouse shipping arrangements.

Shipping Liability

PPPC and its directors, officers, members, and contractors are not liable to you for any delay, loss or physical damage that is caused to any goods that you choose to ship with the show carrier. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance for your goods. See PPPC’s Show Rules & Regulations for more information on liability and insurance.

Canada Customs

Goods being imported into Canada for display only qualify for duty-free importation under the provision of Tariff item No. 9993.00.00 and full GST relief under Special Authority Code 51. Please contact Jeff Davis of North American Logistics Services by email at jdavis@nalsi.com or by phone at 855-328-2841 or your personal Customs Broker for more information.