TOPS+ Gone Virtual

February 2 & 3, 2021

PPPC continues to act as the glue that holds the Canadian promotional product industry together. We are looking forward to bringing you TOPS+ Virtual in February 2021 to encourage growth, partnerships, and success for our members.

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Tour From Home

TOPS+ is PPPC’s premier traveling trade show. Typically, the tour stops in various cities across Canada in an effort to bring members together region by region. TOPS+ 2021 will be held virtually and we could not be more excited for you to see what we have in store. Much like the Natcon Virtual experience, TOPS+ Virtual will have all the aspects you’re used to seeing from PPPC: a trade show floor, networking opportunities, professional development sessions, and some fun along the way.

Booth Information

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Booth Information

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What is TOPS+?

Held in Q1, the Traveling Optimum Premium Show is PPPC’s premier trade show tour. With stops traditionally in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto, TOPS+ brings members together across the country.

Why is PPPC hosting TOPS+ Virtually?

Given the success of Natcon Virtual, creating TOPS+ Virtual was an easy decision for us. Despite government regulations and mandates due to COVID-19, PPPC is ready and excited to continue to continue to provide the Canadian promotional products industry with new and innovative experiences.

When is TOPS+ Virtual?

TOPS+ Virtual will be held on February 2 & 3; more information will be announced soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can exhibit at TOPS+ Virtual?

PPPC supplier members and non-members may exhibit at the show. Non-members are subject to higher pricing. Learn how to become a member by connect with Katrina Derksen.

How do I register to exhibit?

Please contact Sydney Shore if you’re interested in exhibiting.

Who can attend TOPS+ Virtual?

TOPS+ Virtual is free to attend for all nationwide multi-line reps, distributors and their salespeople.

Booth Pricing

Small Booth
$1,250 – Early Bird
$1,450 – Regular

Up to 5 booth materials (sales flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.), up to 10 featured products, and up to 4 exhibiting staff to work your booth

Medium Booth
$ 1,950 – Early Bird
$ 2,150 – Regular

Up to 10 booth materials (sales flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.), up to 25 featured products, and up to 6 exhibiting staff to work your booth

Large Booth
$2,250 – Early Bird
$2,450 – Regular

Up to 15 booth materials (sales flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.), up to 50 featured products, and unlimited exhibiting staff to work your booth

Early bird pricing expires on December 15.

Supplier Information

Set up your virtual trade show booth quickly and easily!

  • Add products directly from the SAGE database
  • Select your top featured products to highlight
  • Include a welcome video to introduce your brand to distributors
  • Upload booth materials including catalogs, special flyers, your website information, or even links to a live video conference
  • Get your team profiles ready for the one-on-one chat feature so customers know who they’re talking to

Your Virtual Booth Includes:

  • Welcome video produced by you
  • Prominent placement of your catalogs, flyers, links, etc.
  • One-on-one chatting with all distributor attendees
  • Featured products pulled from the SAGE database
  • Promotion of show specials and deals
  • Option to start a video call with booth visitors
  • Post-show statistics including number of booth visits, scans, chats, product and material views, etc.
  • List of all distributors who were scanned at your booth once the show has ended
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Become a sponsor

Becoming a show sponsor can help to increase the visibility of your company and products! Highlight your new products to drive traffic to your booth and increase sales.

Please contact Sydney Shore at to discuss details.